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Here at the Smoker Supply Shop, it’s our goal to help you find the EXACT piece you’re looking for, at the best price possible. We spend hours, and hours, (and hours) scouring the internet looking for the best bongs for sale. Once we find them, we review them online, use them (or talk to someone who has), and then post them on this site.

We have examined thousands of different pieces, and would love to share them with you – but you would likely pass out from bong overload. So instead we try to grab the best of the best and give you the option of checking out others that didn’t make the cut.

So to find your next piece on our site, just follow these 4 steps:

– Decide on the type of bong you are looking for (glass, acrylic, mini, mask, etc.)
– Check out the page we created for each one to see ratings and reviews
– Choose the bong that is your absolute favorite
– Buy that baby and have fun!