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Bongs Buy Online: How to Choose Best Bongs Online? - Smoker Supply Shop

Want to buy the best bongs online? You are at the right place to make things easy. The market is flooded with different types of bongs featuring various percolators, styles, glass thickness and design. If you want to buy a new bong, you have to consider these factors:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Percolation
  • Reliable shipping
  • Brand

Nowadays, cheap bongs are available in the market in different sizes and styles. If you want to purchase the best bong, here are some important elements to consider.

Understand Your Purpose of Smoke

Before purchasing a bong, it is essential to find out the type of substance that you want to use. For instance, if you’re going to use concentrates or dried herbs, water pipes may be an excellent choice.

If you wish to smoke dried herbs, they may need a bowl for ignition. This bowl will sit in the stem at a particular angle out from the middle of the main chamber. The angle may vary between 45 and 90 degrees. Remember, glass bongs are suitable for this purpose.

A concentrate may need a nail for efficient use, and it needs a stem that is angled at almost 90 degrees angle. If you want to purchase a bong online, make sure to consider these things. Bongs are available in different styles, such as:

Glass bongs are timeless and grab maximum attention. Silicone bongs are similar to roll-uh-bowl and popular among wanderlust. You can purchase dishwasher safe and medical grade silicone bongs.

Silicone Bongs

Moreover, perc bongs (percolator bongs) can filter smoke through water. If you need a refreshing finish, feel free to choose ice bongs. You are free to add ice in these bongs.

Check Percolators

Several people, including chain smokers, may not know about percolators. Remember, it is an essential feature that you need. Regardless of the size of a bong, percolators are necessary to diffuse smoke and filter out dangerous toxins.

For this reason, mindfully check percolators before purchasing Bongs online. Percolators are responsible for cooling smoke after igniting substance. It will decrease the harshness of each hit. With the help of percolators, you can reduce harshness. Remember, percolators are always crucial for habitual, long-term smoking.

Consider Size of the Bongs

It is essential to consider size before purchasing a bong. Large pieces may give you smooth hits because smoke travels longer in these pieces to reach you. Keep it in mind that small pieces are portable and need less space.

If you want to smoke at home, feel free to purchase a large piece; otherwise, a small bong can be a portable option. You can carry a small bong on camping trips. Bongs are available in different shapes and sizes. Feel free to consider your budget before purchasing a bong.

Large pieces of glass bongs can be expensive than others. Several glass pieces can be elaborately shaped and decorated. If you need a functional unit without whistles and bells, several options are available in the market for $50 or even less.

Different Sizes Bongs

Find a Bong with the Right Value

Cost of a standard bong may vary between $60 and $150. You can easily get a bong within your budget. Some expensive models may come in over $500. Remember, you can buy the best bong from the market as per your need. Fortunately, several cheap bongs are available with the best percolation.

Durability of Bongs

You will need a durable bong that can handle some bumps and shakes. If you want to get the maximum value of your money, try to invest in a durable bone. Nowadays, bongs are available in different materials, such as thick glass and silicone bongs.

Some bongs are available with wide bases and extra accessories. Try to buy a bong made of thick glass material or silicone. These will offer the best value of your money. For marijuana or weed, you will need a bust or thick glass bong. You should not compromise on the quality of bongs. Make sure to invest in a happy medium to increase your taste.

Filtered, Smooth Smoke

Smoking a bong will give you smooth hits because the smoke will be filtered through water. The procedure is named as percolation. Design of bongs is dramatically evolved, and you can find different types of percolation.

No doubt, percolation may create different aesthetics and results. Some common percolator types are Faberge egg, showered percs, swiss percs, propeller percs and tree percs.

  • Tree: Offer great filtration and minimal drag.
  • Honeycombs: Good for filtration with minimal drag
  • Showerheads: Produce smoothness and mediocre filtration with minimal drag
  • Turbines: Suitable to produce mediocre filtration and features more drag as compared to showerheads

If you want to buy the best bongs online, make sure to consider brands. Numerous online platforms have bongs from Smoke Cartel, China Glass, UPC, Roor and Sesh Supply. You may get the best bongs from these brands at an affordable price.

Reliable Shipping Methods

If you want to shop online, you have to check their shipping method. Shipping process must be reliable. Before ordering a bong, check the policies for shipping. They should not hold you responsible for something wrong, such as damage. They must give you a guaranteed return policy to return damaged or broken products with two weeks.

Reliable Shipping Method for Bongs

Before purchasing a bong, you have to consider your budget and travel plans. Numerous travel bongs are available in the market. Try to buy a simple bong to avoid inconvenience. To avoid possible troubles, you have to pay special attention to cleaning.

Remember, your bong will get dirty with smoke and tar. By choosing a simple bong, cleaning can be easy and timeless. Make sure to change the water of your bong frequently and use a particular cleaning solution to keep it clean.

For durability, the thickness of the glass is an essential factor. Remember, thinnest may start at 2 to 3mm and moves to almost 3 to 5mm. Feel free to buy a bong with 5 – 7mm thick glass that is complicated to break. In this way, you will get the best value of your investment.







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