Hookahs for sale

Hookahs are a fun way to add a variety to your smoking style. These Indian origined pieces can feature multiple hoses great for parties or single hoses for a nice table center piece. Whatever you need we've got it.

Mini Hookahs

Mini hookahs are exactly what the name implies. These are the smallest of any hookah sizes and can easily sit on your small table and can be easily stored away. Although they fare compact, they have the same affect as the large ones. Remember, it's not the size that counts...

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Cheap Hookahs

Because of their intricate design, many hookahs can break the bank. There are some less expensive options that get you a good bang for your buck. All of these are less than $100.

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Hookah Hoses

Sometimes you might have to replace the hoses on your hookah. When the time comes you can find them here.

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