Bongs for sale

Here at the Smoker Supply Shop, it’s our goal to help you find the EXACT piece you’re looking for, at the best price possible. We spend hours, and hours, (and hours) scouring the internet looking for the best bongs for sale. Once we find them, we review them online, use them (or talk to someone who has), and then post them on this site.

We have examined thousands of different pieces, and would love to share them with you – but you would likely pass out from bong overload. So instead we try to grab the best of the best and give you the option of checking out others that didn’t make the cut.

So to find your next piece on our site, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Decide on the type of bong you are looking for (glass, acrylic, mini, mask, etc.)
  2. Check out the page we created for each one to see ratings and reviews
  3. Choose the bong that is your absolute favorite
  4. Buy that baby and have fun!

Glass Bongs

If you are a true smoker, you probably know that smoking out of high quality glass bongs is the best way to enjoy your product to the fullest. Getting glass that was made in the USA is still a must if you’re looking for the highest quality and total lifetime value. These options are 100% USA made, which means they are of the highest quality, and international shipping isn’t required. It’s no wonder why these are the most popular of all of our bongs!

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Cheap Bongs

Smoking can get expensive very quickly, especially when it’s done out of a bong. Extremely high quality glass ones can cost upwards of $500 very easily, leaving little spending room for your smoke. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. This page has a list of some of the best bongs for sale at the lowest price possible. We also break them down by material (like ceramic, glass, etc.) so you know which ones cost you the least.

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Acrylic Bongs

These are favored by many rookie and pro smokers alike. The material is very inexpensive, but extremely durable – making these great for on-the-go pieces or for your next party. If you’ve ever seen a buddy pull out a plastic looking colorful piece – it was likely acrylic. Check out this page for some of our favorite ones and learn why they’re so awesome.

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Cheap Glass

Glass is almost always the most expensive out of all types. Many of them are hand blown glass, made from extremely high quality material. This is what allows them to be in such unique shapes and sizes – unfortunately, this is what makes them cost the most too. We tried hard to find some cheap glass bongs at the highest quality possible. Check out the list for details.

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Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic is always fun. If you’ve ever seen a dragon looking pipe or a zombie head bong, it was most likely ceramic. The ceramic material lets the manufacturer make bizarre creations for fairly cheap. Unfortunately these are fragile and sometimes can get too hot. Either way, if you’re looking for something outside of the box, look no further than these ceramic ones.

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Mini Bong

Mini’s are the best for packing/storing in small spaces and taking with you on-the-go. They are just as effective as regular size bongs, but don’t require you to drag a large backpack or duffel bag just to carry them with you. These are especially great alternatives to buying expensive glass bongs, as a mini glass bong will cost you a fraction of the cost! Check out some mini glass and other materials on this page.

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Gas Mask

Want to really make some heads spin at your next party? Look no further than the Gas Mask bong. This beast will allow you to smoke like no other, and is much easier to use and maintain than most people realize. Head to this page to learn more about the concept and the cool ones we’ve found.

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Ice Bong

Have you ever felt like your throat was doused in gasoline and set on fire after taking a hit or two? If so, these bongs are for you. They have a small place for ice cubes (yes, the kind you can just pull from your freezer) to go that that will cool the smoke before it hits your insides like lava. Find out more about this must have for regular smokers here and how it can help keep your throat healthy here.

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Gravity Bong

If you’ve got a bunch of friends over, but only a little “smoke” left – your gravity bong becomes your clutch field goal kicker during the 4th quarter. By using water (and gravity – go figure) to push more of the smoke into your lungs, this can be a piece that does the job for even the most advance smokers. Many people make their pieces at home, but if you’re not a Smoking MacGyver, head to this page to see some of the ones we’ve highlighted.

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